Why Choose Keystone Case Management?

Keystone Case Management is a full-service medical case management company.  We have designed our programs to meet the needs of employers across the nation.

We believe that it is not enough to offer only medical management for injured, ill, or disabled employees.

In order for employers to get the best outcomes possible, we work together to provide education to all levels of management regarding your employees health, wellness, and ability to work.

We always start by meeting with the employer and tailoring our program to meet each company’s individual needs. We address the need for chronic condition management (HealthyWorkers), to assist employees in keeping themselves functioning at the highest level possible. We then explore short-term disability management, to provide monitoring of those employees who utilize this benefit. Last, we advise on our proactive workers’ compensation solutions (PINCH program).

All of our services are designed to provide the employer with “big-picture” solutions.  Our goal is to improve outcomes for the employees, reduce costs, and increase satisfaction across the board.

Every employer worries about costs, but rest assured, our focus on cost-containment extends to our charges as well.  Call us for more details!

Comprehensive. Cost-effective. Caring.