Keystone Case Management is based in Southeastern Pennsylvania, and specializes in Workers’ Compensation, Chronic Condition Management,  and Disability Management throughout the United States.

In regards to Workers’ Compensation, you should know that each state has very specific laws that pertain to Workers’ Comp.  Some states require specific paperwork or certifications by case managers.  Others allow employers to select treating physicians or to establish provider panels.

One of our strengths is our ability to focus on the specifics in each jurisdiction while maintaining our core values with all of our employees, and with all claims that we manage.

Our nurses hold appropriate state licensures and certification so that we can best serve your needs wherever you are located.

No matter the jurisdiction, and no matter the situation, by expediting treatment with the best provider possible, we are able to facilitate return to work, maximize recovery, and control costs.

Comprehensive. Cost-effective. Caring.