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It’s the middle of the night and an employee is hurt. What do you do? Is the Emergency Room appropriate?  We have a nurse on call, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to speak with an employee at the time of injury.  This allows us to gather all information at the time of the injury, establish an immediate rapport with the injured employee, and, most importantly, to assist the employee with determining the appropriate level of treatment at the time of injury. Many times an Emergency Room visit is not required, and the employee can be treated with first-aid, and perhaps an Occupational Health evaluation during business hours.


OUCH (Occupational Urgent Care Handbook)©

Unsure what to do at the moment an injury occurs? If you prefer not to use our Nurse Triage service, let OUCH guide you to determine the appropriate level of treatment: first aid, occupational health, or emergency department evaluation.

This easy-to-use flip chart is designed to be used by injured employees, coworkers, or supervisors.  It is color-coded by body part and clearly lists symptoms and steps to take for a variety of medical situations.

Let OUCH help you save on unnecessary ER visits and OSHA recordable incidents, and get the right level of treatment, every time.


Let us review your current return to work program, or assist you in establishing a program, to help facilitate a faster return to work for the injured employee.


In many states, the employer may select workers’  compensation providers that injured employees must use. Allow us to work with you to review your existing panel providers, or develop panels for you.

We offer a range of services to meet your needs, including:

  • Onsite Case Management
  • Telephonic Case Management
  • Vocational Services
  • Independent Medical Evaluations
  • Medical Chart Reviews
  • Medical/ Hospital Bill Audits
  • Risk Management Consulting
  • Legal Consultation

Comprehensive. Cost-effective. Caring.