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Heat-Related Illness- What is it? How is it treated? What can we do to avoid it? Heat-Related Illnesses include Heat Stroke, Heat Exhaustion, Heat Cramps and Heat Rash.  Symptoms of heat stroke include confusion, loss of consciousness, seizures, a very high body temperature, and hot, dry skin or profuse sweating.  Heat exhaustion symptoms include headache, dizziness, weakness,… Continue Reading
The Story of a New Client:- A medium-sized employer, owner of a franchise, met Keystone Case Management at a conference.  Though the employer had never had a workplace injury, they wanted to take a proactive stance and engaged Keystone to set up their paperwork and panels, assuming that they wouldn’t need this info for a long time. Two months later, they… Continue Reading
Meet Our Founder: Kelly Haile- Owner and President Kelly Haile is a Registered Nurse and case manager, with more years of experience than she will admit as an RN, a case manager, and in the Workers’ Compensation arena.  Kelly founded Keystone Case Management with the specific goal of addressing the needs of employers who are dealing with injured, ill, or… Continue Reading

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