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“Kelly has been an invaluable asset to our company’s worker’s compensation team since we first partnered together in 2012. The care she provides for our injured employees, the thorough communication she and her team provide and the constant effort to keep our claims moving is a great resources for us. I have truly enjoyed working with Kelly for the last 4 years and feel confident in continuing to work with Keystone into the future.”

—Client, PA

“I have worked with Kelly Haile and her nurses for over five years and am a huge fan of their medical case management skills. They are experts at seeing the big picture and working with all parties to obtain the best possible outcome. I look forward to continuing to work with Kelly and Keystone for many years.”

—Claims Handler, New Jersey

“As a construction company with field employees scattered amongst 9 states, Keystone Case Management nurse case management offers us the same service as if we had the nurse located at the job-site! They triage the injury telephonically and work with our employees to ensure optimal treatment protocols are followed!”

—Client, VA

“The Keystone Case Management program is an excellent tool for employers who want to gain better control of their Workers’ Compensation injuries and costs.  The case managers work with the employees, doctors, adjusters, and employers, ensuring the best possible outcomes for all parties.”

—Defense Attorney, PA

“After suffering a low back injury that eventually required multiple surgeries, I can honestly say that the assistance provided by my case manager was consistent and professional, and helped me to return to my regular job. Her advise was invaluable and her diligence, knowledge, and experience earned my trust. It is my opinion that my nurse is as strong a patient advocate as one can be. Without exception I would recommend her for anyone  needing an objective medical opinion.”

—Injured Worker, VA

“Keystone Case Management is always willing to look at the big picture of the medico-legal ramifications of each case, but is able to handle these delicate cases with extreme efficiency and smoothness.”

—Occupational Health Physician, MD


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